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Trends 2019

Some argue that you shouldn’t sell trending products, or whatever everyone else is selling. But we know from experience that that isn’t true. The best business ideas come from other businesses around you. The most successful business came from seeing an ad with tons of engagement. If you want to enter the same niche and quickly grow a successful brand we do see some trends. Also you can easily see that when you enter a new niche with no social proof usually leads to no sales. But entering a proven market results in skyrocketed growth. We see some trends currently happening within the wholesale electronic devices but also beyond. For example:

– Laser Hair Removal
– Artificial Hair
– Shapewear
– Anti Cellulite Vacuum
– Drones
– Helping Robots
– Men’s (smart) Watches
– Teeth Whitening
– Touchscreen gloves
– Smart backpacks
– Laser engravers
– Portable mini 3D printers
– Seal & Pour packages
– Solar USB Chargers
– VR gadgets